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they gave the level 8 and above, a general that allows them to go around and bully lower levels, practically just turning your own troops against you for... well free. they can just do it to your strongest troops right after you drop it, there you are, spent a few oil to attack and it just turns around... seems a little cheap, seeing in how i’m still stuck with a lvl 1 general..

Bad matchmaking

While a decent knockoff of Clash Royale, I ended up stopping playing very quickly because of poor matchmaking. At 150 trophies I was matched with players as high as 750. During most of these games I was simply overrun by much higher level cards, not fun.

Tsk tsk

This is a total copy of clash Royale and very laggy stop trying to make it better because every time you do it it gets worse


Purchased diamonds in game. Game froze. Didn't receive diamonds. Their "support" was no help. Got my refund from Apple. Deleting game. Stick with Super Cell games..they know what they're doing!

Needs improvement

The creators gave up on this game and so should you. Last update was over a year ago. There’s nothing new, no balance, no anything. It was created to sit and collect.

Pretty good

The thing I don't like is the art style, and that the troops aren't 3D.

Graphics are terrible

I want to see something 3D then we will talk.you guys are copyright that's against the law so you have 2 choices you fix the game and not make the graphics CRAP or I'll take your game down.... choose wisely. 👮🏻👈🏻or👉🏻👍🏻

Decent game

I'm an avid clash Royale player. I like the commander card feature and hope that CR and JC can come to an agreement to share ideas

no arabic support

need arabic support to play more

This game stinks

Has terrible terrible graphics and is it in it’s pretty inappropriate

My favorite game

Love it

Buy clash Royale instead

Copy of clash Royale

It's a rip off but it's ok

This game is a rip off of Clash Royale, but this game is ok.

Not a copy


Oh Look, Another Bad Rip Off Of Clash Royale

Tittle speaks for itself...

Serious lagging. Need improvements

The concept is ok. Like many others supercells clash royale lead me to download this game, but the lagging on this game is a awful!!! I am playing at home with wifi (5 bars mind you) and the game will freeze for a while...next thing I know the game is over and I've loss. I do like the tournaments added, but like another user said, work on graphics and game play quality for a smooth user experience.

Good game

A good game but upgrade the legendarios cards


Awesome game better than clash royal

Pretty good

It's actually good

Great game

Is a great game, just that it copies clash royal ,but I love the originality that it adds with the generals and how each one has a unique ability

People are really stupid these days

To people who think this game is a copy of Clash Royale...it's not this game was made in 2013 while Clash Royale was made in 2016 so which one is a copy

Great game

Lots of fun


Bad animations just ew.. no so garbage. Every thing no


Clash Royale is very challenging to hack, in the reviews for this game there are remarks such as I loose connection. These are hackers who make it look like your not connected to your internet, when you really are.

Read this before you write a review

So I've been reading a lot of the reviews and I agree this game isn't very good but everyone says this is a clash royel rip off which is false because this game came out 3 years before clash royel so in a way clash royel ripped of this game but this game isn't as good

Unbelievably bad

Every time I played a card it took about 2 seconds for the card to play and I lost my FIRST.TWO.MATCHES. Make you game semi- playable please

Genial pero...

Arreglen bugs, actualicen más a menudo el juego y metan más contenido. Un saludo

Make tournaments fair

How can you put two players in the same tournament that are more than 1,000 points difference..? It shouldn't be more than 300-400 points.. I'm at 1800.. How can I even try to win against someone with 2700 to 3200 level..? Make it fair please, before you lose more customers... 🏃🔫

Horrible game

Slow, lags like hell.

Ok overall

A ripoff of Royale. But still good. Better cards, and generals with special moves.

Stop showing the ads

I am not going to buy if you keep showing annyoing ads , i will delete this game


Great copy of clash royale

Jungle Clash

Great game a little glitchy though

It's a really bad game

It's a terrible game but I rated it five stars because I want it to have a really good update


This is like a clash royale ripoff

It's good but it could be better

There could be more legendairies


Don't waste your time! Rip off of clash royale but with additional budget cuts. Poor graphics and unclear card attacks. The one thing they kept in-line with supercell was the horrible matchups. Although, this game was probably due more to the lack of players!

Very fun

This game is a strong competitor to Clash Royale

Never seen before

This game is ground breaking, there has never ever been a game like this. This is the best game ever seen

Hate it

Horrible horrible game!!!!!!!🐜🕷🕷🕸


Good game


Awesome really recommend

Rip off

This game lags so much and is just a rip off of clash royale

Good game

Good game very good game


Clash royale rip off but worst

Not a terrible game but could be better.

I'm giving this game 4 stars because it could use some improvements. But just like with any new game/video game, there is always room for improvements and updates. Clash Royale wasn't the way it is now when that game first came out. This game is very similar to Clash Royal as everyone is complaining about but it has the potential to be completely different and a game of it's own. I think the first things that need to be addressed with this game is the graphics quality and the match making along with server updates. Get the game running and looking smoothly then come out with the extras and add-on stuff in the future. I'm going to continue playing this game and keep at it to level up and also because I can see the potential it has to be the next best game of it's type. Im also excited to see what the makers come up with in the future as far as updates and fixing the problems that need a little love. Keep on playing! Matt N.

Partly good mostly bad

This is a copyright of clash royale and...sense it's a copyright it's like clash royale so that's where the good part comes in


super fun



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